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Collins, Alan Alva

Alan Collins is a writer who has recorded with passion the lives of Jews who struggle to survive in two disparate and sometimes hostile worlds. He has drawn widely on his own experiences from the days of his early working life and his attempts to reconcile politics, religion and simply existing – yet never yields to introspection. Alan, now living in Melbourne, is a writer for whom the phrase, “a wry smile” might have been coined.
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A Promised Land?

Picture of A Promised Land?
An unabridged compilation of the bestselling and award winning trilogy The Boys from Bondi, Going Home and Joshua. A rare look at the adolescent Jewish-Australian experience filled with daring and wit. The unforgettable portrayal of the conflict between Arab and Jew is told with passion, humour and unlikely optimism. The book is a tragi-comic adventure touched with romance and growing up.