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Ward, Ian

Ian Ward is a reader in Political Science, and Program Director of Honours (Arts and Social Sciences), at the University of Queensland. His research interests include party organisation and political communication. He is the co-author of Politics One (1996) with Randal Stewart, and the author of Politics and the Media (1995). The Rise and Fall of One Nation, co-edited with Michael Leach and Geoffrey Stokes, was published by UQP in 2000.
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The Rise And Fall Of One Nation

Picture of The Rise And Fall Of One Nation
The meteoric rise and catastrophic decline of The One Nation Party has been startling. Pauline Hanson's seizing of the political spotlight and the passionate debate that followed has forever altered the political and social psyche of our nation. The Rise and Fall of One Nation looks at the character and origins of One Nation, its organisation, elections and parliamentary role, policies and impacts. The book also contains key data on their polling performance with a detailed electoral analysis. The only published account of One Nation's total history; supporters and critics alike will find this account fascinating reading.