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Wagner, Jenny

Jenny Wagner lives with her husband, their dog and three lazy cats in a small Queensland farmhouse that looks like a witch's cottage. Jenny likes writing best of all, unless it's going badly, in which case she hates it. She also likes going for walks, listening to classical music, studying languages, doing cryptic crossword puzzles, getting together with friends and putting off the vacuuming. As well as her best-selling novels featuring the nimbin, Jenny Wagner has also written several very successful children's picture books. The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek and John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat both won the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award (Picture Books) and are widely considered to be classics.
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High Hopes On Sea

Picture of High Hopes On Sea
The Hope family live by the sea, in a house with its hands in its pockets and a puppy named Princess Sassy. Mr Hope invents wonderful new devices, Mrs. Hope likes burnt toast. Marissa watches the waves. And Dion listens to the whispers of the wind. But when Mr. Owen Mortlock and his brother Selwyn decide to build some apartments, everything is suddenly different. The wind goes away, the ocean vanishes from their windows, and that's not even the worst bit... But of course, there's always hope... ...and there's always a breeze somewhere.