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Luke, Pauline

Pauline Luke was raised in the central Victorian city of Bendigo, and lived for several years in Vancouver, Canada where her two sons were born. She now lives in Melbourne with her husband and White East Highland Terrier Piper. After graduating from Monash University with a double major in English literature and general and comparative literature she studied professional and creative writing and editing at RMIT. Pauline works as a freelance editor and has several non-fiction books published. Unlike Rebecca’s mother she really enjoys cooking.
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Amber Pash On Pink

Picture of Amber Pash On Pink
Good News! God has obviously decided that my life has been horrible and boring long enough and that it's time to beam a little sunshine in my direction. Rebecca is fourteen, and finding out that life is becoming increasingly complicated. Having to live with a gross brother called "Frog Face", a grandfather who's into colour medition, and the world's ugliest dog is no picnic. Throw in a best friend called Amber and a worst enemy called "The Grasshopper" and you have the ingredients for a fast paced, fun, and insightful glimpse into being a teenager. In this original and remarkably assured debut novel, Pauline Luke deals honestly and sympathetically with friendship, love and families.


Bronco, Fi, Maddie & Me

Picture of Bronco, Fi, Maddie & Me
When Mayor Banks announces that the historic Turra Bend Middle School needs to be demolished, Luke and his friends decide something has to be done to stop it. But what can a film nut, two netball maniacs and someone whose mother feeds him tofu and bean sprout sandwiches do to stop someone with as much clout as Bill Banks? More than you’d think. Especially if they use the power of words.