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Condon, Bill

Bill Condon was born in 1949 and lives with his wife in the seaside town of Woonona, on the south coast of New South Wales. He left school at the first chance he got and worked in an assortment of jobs that did not require much in the way of qualifications. All that time he longed to be a writer, the only vocation he felt an affinity for. He has since written 70 books, including several collections of plays and poetry, as well as short stories, novels and works of non-fiction. When not writing or performing at schools Bill plays tennis, Scrabble, watches lots of movies, and dreams of swimming in his own personal money bin, like his childhood hero Scrooge McDuck.
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Picture of Daredevils
'I don't want to live longer - I want to live bigger.' Thorns may have only a short time to live, but he's determined to make every second count. And that's where Jack comes in. Safe and quiet, he's going to help the high-spirited Thorns fulfil his wish list. Challenging, touching and funny, Daredevils is a story about friendship, courage, the pursuit of dreams and the joy of living.


No Worries

Picture of No Worries
Brian Talbot: seventeen, virgin, high school dropout, nightshift worker at the local dairy, in love. When life is kicking you down, you need to kick back, but when your old man lives in the shed in the backyard, and your mum has problems of her own, that’s not always easy. Sometimes, though, you just gotta hang in there, and you never know what might happen… Both humorous and confronting, Bill Condon has created a gripping urban tale of life, death, love, joy, and family, which reminds us all to hold on to the important things, however difficult that might be.