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Rooney, Brigid

Brigid Rooney completed her PhD at Macquarie University before taking up an Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Sydney. She has published many essays on Christina Stead and on her own current research in Australian literary and cultural studies journals. She now teaches Australian Studies at the University of Sydney, and pursues her research interests in contemporary Australian literature and literary studies.<#InMedia#><#AuthorVideo#><#AuthorWebsite#><#AuthorTwitter#><#AuthorFaceBook#>
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Literary Activists: Writer-Intellectuals And Australian Public Life

Picture of Literary Activists: Writer-Intellectuals And Australian Public Life
Judith Wright fought to save the Great Barrier Reef and campaigned for a Treaty with Aboriginal Australians. Patrick White led anti-nuclear peace marches and boycotted the Bicentenary. Helen Garner and Les Murray took a stand against political correctness. What drives our most outstanding literary figures to become activists and public intellectuals? Are they, in Shelley's famous phrase, our 'unacknowledged legislators'? How have their public interventions provoked us, and how have we responded? Can writers really change the world?