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Clark, Sherryl

Sherryl Clark has been writing poems and stories for children for over twenty years. Her verse novel, Farm Kid, won the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Children’s Books in 2005 and Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!) was an Honour book in the 2008 CBCA Awards. Sherryl worked in community writing for many years and since 1996 she has been teaching in the Diploma of Arts – Professional Writing and Editing at Victoria University TAFE. Tracey Binns Is Trouble is the first in a new series by Sherryl following the adventures of troublemaker Tracey Binns. It was inspired by Sherryl’s own daughter’s experience of being bored at school, and later being bullied for being too smart. The latest book in the series, Tracey Binns is Lost, tackles the topical issues of childhood obesity and healthy food in schools.<#InMedia#><#AuthorVideo#><#AuthorWebsite#><#AuthorTwitter#><#AuthorFaceBook#>
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One Perfect Pirouette

Picture of One Perfect Pirouette
From popular and award-winning author Sherryl Clark comes a story about the pressure, heartache and determination that it takes to live your dreams. Attending the National Ballet School is every aspiring dancer's dream. It's been Brynna's for as long as she can remember. When her parents move her family to Melbourne so Brynna can attend a top ballet school, it looks like her dream is about to become a reality. But why does she feel so awful about the move? Her brother Tam is angrier than she has ever seen him and her mother is working hard to keep the family afloat. Will every step towards success come at a price? For Brynna to realise her heart's desire, something has to give. But will it be her family?


Pirate X

Picture of Pirate X
Step into a world where pirates rule and one false move could be your last! Will, a modern boy, is transported back from current day London to 1717, and lands in the pirate haven of Nassau. On board Blackbeard's pirate ship, he learns how to fight with a cutlass and fire a cannon.


Tracey Binns Is Lost

Picture of Tracey Binns Is Lost
Tracey Binns is lost and the last people she wants to be stuck with are Justin Zit-Face and her annoying teacher, Mr Gunning. Facing the pitch dark and the strange calls of the wild is not Tracey's idea of fun. But all this looks like a walk in the park when they become lost on a long day's march ...


Tracey Binns Is Trouble

Picture of Tracey Binns Is Trouble
Tracey Binns is trouble - at least that's what she wants everyone to believe. While her parents work hard to provide the perfect life in the perfect house, Tracey is working hard at misbehaving. New girl Isabella is convinced there's more to Tracey than meets the eye.