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Schlink, Bernhard

Bernhard Schlink was born in 1944 near Bielefeld, Germany, to a German father and a Swiss mother. He grew up in Heidelberg and studied law in Heidelberg and Berlin. He is a professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law and the Philosophy of Law at Berlin's Humbolt University and a justice of the Constitutional Law Court in Bonn. Schlink has authored works in both fiction and non-fiction. Before publishing The Reader in 1995, he wrote several prize-winning mystery novels. Since its publication, The Reader has been translated into over twenty languages. His most recent literary novel was Homecoming (2008). <#InMedia#><#AuthorVideo#><#AuthorWebsite#><#AuthorTwitter#><#AuthorFaceBook#>
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Guilt About the Past

Picture of Guilt About the Past
The six essays that make up this compelling book view the long shadow of past guilt as a German experience as well as a global one. Bernhard Schlink explores the phenomenon of guilt and how it attaches to a whole society, not just to individual perpetrators.