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Miller, Patti

Patti Miller was raised on a farm in central western NSW. Her many books include Writing Your Life (Allen & Unwin, 1994, 2001), The Last One Who Remembers (Allen & Unwin, 1997), Child (Allen & Unwin, 1998), Whatever the Gods Do (Random House, 2003), The Memoir Book (Allen & Unwin, 2007), the award-winning The Mind of a Thief (UQP, 2012) and Ransacking Paris (UQP, 2015). She has worked teaching writing for over twenty years, including at the innovative Faber Academy in Sydney.

Photo Credit: Sally Flegg
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Ransacking Paris

Picture of Ransacking Paris
An exquisite memoir of a year spent daydreaming in Paris by award-winner Patti Miller


The Mind of a Thief

Picture of The Mind of a Thief
The Mind of a Thief is about identity, history, place and belonging and, perhaps most of all, about how we create ourselves through our stories. An award-winning memoir by an accomplished writer at the height of her powers.