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Preston, Edwina

Edwina Preston is the author of Not Just a Suburban Boy (Duffy and Snellgrove), a biography of the artist Howard Arkley. Her writing and reviews have appeared in the Age, the Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald, Heat magazine and the Griffith Review. She lives in Melbourne, where she teaches creative writing at NMIT.
<#InMedia#>‘A truly stunning novel, brimming with charm, droll wit and memorable characters.’ Chris Womersley, award-winning author of Bereft
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The Inheritance of Ivorie Hammer

Picture of The Inheritance of Ivorie Hammer
The dramatic events of a travelling circus in a gold-mining town echo down the decades to Mrs Ivorie Hammer, who discovers that her own origins are not as she thought. When her small community is scandalized by several mysterious deaths and disappearances, it is Ivorie’s secret history that holds the key to the truth.