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Haenke, Helen

Helen Haenke (19161978) was a writer of poetry, prose, short stories and plays, as well as a fine artist. She lived in the historic home of Rockton in Ipswich, Queensland, and did much of her writing there. She has published two collections of poems, The Good Company (1977) and Prophets and Honour (1979), and several of her plays found homes on the stage. Acknowledged as a promising writer,Helen Haenke was a prolific contributor to the arts scene of south-east Queensland. Helen Haenke at Rockton draws on the extensive collection of her writing and papers contained in the University of Queensland’s Fryer Library.

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Helen Haenke at Rockton: A Creative Life

Picture of Helen Haenke at Rockton: A Creative Life
‘She loved people, she loved places, she loved the look of things … she loved words and, lastly, even when dying … she continued to love life.’ – Professor Harold Love