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Wheeler, Samantha

Samantha Wheeler fell in love with animals when, atthe age of six, she received a tortoise. She went on to study agriculture, workwith dairy farmers, and teach science, until writing her first children’s book,inspired by koalas, in 2011. Her books, which include Smooch & Rose, Spud &Charli, Mister Cassowary, and Wombat Warriors, have been shortlistedfor the Queensland Literary Awards, the Readings Children’s Book Prize, The WildernessSociety’s Environment Award for Children’s Literature, and the Royal ZoologicalSociety of New South Wales Whitley Awards. Samantha hopes her books willencourage everyone to make a difference.

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Everything I’ve Never Said

Picture of Everything I’ve Never Said
From bestselling author Samantha Wheeler comes a remarkable novel about finding your voice.


Mister Cassowary

Picture of Mister Cassowary
Big bird. Big mystery. Can Flynn solve it? New from the author of bestselling Smooch & Rose and Spud & Charli, Mister Cassowary is a thrilling adventure about these unique and dangerous birds.


Smooch & Rose

Picture of Smooch & Rose
An inspiring tale about one girl and her fight to make a difference for koalas.


Spud & Charli

Picture of Spud & Charli
An action-packed adventure about horses, bats and getting carried away by your imagination.


Turtle Trackers

Picture of Turtle Trackers
From the beloved author of Wombat Warriors, Mister Cassowary and Smooch & Rose comes another thrilling adventure about Australia’s endangered animals.


Wombat Warriors

Picture of Wombat Warriors
From the beloved author of Mister Cassowary, Smooch & Rose and Spud & Charli comes another thrilling adventure about Australia’s native animals.