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Redhouse, Nicola

Nicola Redhouse is the author of Unlike the Heart: A Memoir of Brain and Mind, a story of postnatal dissolution that investigates the nexus between science and lived experience in mental health treatment. She has been published widely, writing on topics ranging from postnatal medication to space travel, in publications including The Australian, The Monthly and Women’s Agenda. Her fiction appears in Meanjin, Island and Kill Your Darlings, and in the anthologies Best Australian Stories and the Big Issue Fiction Special. She has worked as a book editor since 2005.

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Unlike the Heart: A Memoir of Brain and Mind

Picture of Unlike the Heart: A Memoir of Brain and Mind
Investigating the difference between the brain and the mind, this is a thoughtful, reflective, and intelligent examination of psychology, neuroscience and psychoanalysis that cleverly combines the analytical with the personal.