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Krauth, Nigel

Nigel Krauth has taught English at several universities, including the University of Papua New Guinea, and is currently an Associate Professor and Lecturer in Literary Studies at the Gold Coast University College of Griffith University. His research and teaching interests lie in creative writing, popular fiction and mass culture, Australian literature, children's literature and South Pacific literatures. Nigel Krauth’s novels include Matilda, My Darling, which was co-winner of the 1982 Australian/Vogel Literary Award, and JF Was Here, which won the prestigious Christina Stead prize for fiction in 1991. With his wife Caron, Krauth has co-authored three novels for young adults. He has also published many short stories and articles in Australian and overseas magazines, in addition to edited collections and his play, Muse of Fire, commissioned by the South Australian Theatre Company. Paradise to Paranoia, co-edited with Robyn Sheahan, is a special collection of Queensland writing and published by UQP in 1995.
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Paradise To Paranoia

Picture of Paradise To Paranoia
Janette Turner Hospital, Inez Baranay, Jay Verney, Bruce Nash, Thomas Shapcott, J L Latimore, Glenda Guest, Fran Ross, Matthew Condon, Laurie Keim, Morgan Smith, Rosie Scott, Nigel Krauth, Sandra Hodgson Moore, Herb Wharton, Robyn O'Connell, Errol O'Neill, Andrew McGahan, Nick Earls, Marcus Keith Gibson, R D Lappan, Helen Demidenko, Venero Armanno, Gerard Lee, Selina Li Duke, Gerard Ross, Nicole Burke, Philip Neilsen, Duncan Richardson, Lesley Singh, Mark Svendsen, and Richard Yaxley. Why is Queensland the fastest growing state in Australia? And why is writing in Queensland flourishing? In this collection of exciting new stories, thirty-two writers focus on the images, the myths, the life-styles and the obsessions associated with Australia's most controversial state.