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Watkinson, Jillian

Jill Watkinson has lived and worked in New Zealand, Central Queensland, the Scottish Highlands and many places in between. Her first novel, The Architect, won the inaugural Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for best manuscript from an emerging Queensland writer, and was short-listed in the 2001 Premier of NSW Literary Awards and for Vision Australia Audio Book of the Year.
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The Architect

Picture of The Architect
Impressive debut novel from a fresh new writer who will go far. Chosen as best manuscript from a field of more than 90 in the inaugural Queensland Premier's Awards for best emerging writer. Jillian Watkinson writes with skill and a charming fearlessness about art and aesthetics, about personal damage and disability. This novel has great narrative drive and a fascinating line-up of support characters. The Architect will also be launched in Jill's home town, Toowoomba, and there will be strong media interest across Queensland in this prizewinner.


The Hanging Tree

Picture of The Hanging Tree
Twenty-five years later, Wilson’s nephew Bill decides to tell some of the stories hidden beneath his own family’s silence. He finds a letter, written before he was born, by a young woman who loved two of the charismatic Masters brothers. Seeking out the letter writer, Bill journeys into his family’s past and also begins to change the shape of the future. Set against a backdrop of social change in twentieth-century Australia, The Hanging Tree revisits people and places from Jillian Watkinson’s prizewinning novel, The Architect.