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Evans, Ray

Raymond Evans is a Reader in History at the University of Queensland. He has been writing, publishing and lecturing for many years on race and ethnic relations. His other topics of interest in Australian social history are gender relations, war and society study, conflict study and popular culture. Raymond’s latest publications include the co-authored 1901: Our Future’s Past (1997), the edited collection Everyday Wonders: Australian popular Culture (1998) and Fighting Words: Writing about Race (UQP 1999).
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Fighting Words

Picture of Fighting Words
With an open heart and inquiring intellect, Raymond Evans sets out to uncover a past not studied in the school books of his youth. Growing up in the 1950s, he lived in a community devoid of Aboriginal presence. It was an enclave of Welsh migrant families, with all the rituals and traditions of a faraway "Home". His evolving historical consciousness was fired by the need to connect with these shadowy absences and to engage with his adopted homeland.