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Geering, R. G.

R.G. Geering, formerly associate professor of English at the University of New South Wales, has written extensively on Christina Stead, and was appointed by her as her literary trustee. He is the editor of several Stead volumes: Ocean of Story (1985), I’m Dying Laughing (1986) and two volumes of selected letters; A Web of Friendship and Talking into the Typewriter (1992). The collection Christina Stead: Selected Fiction and Nonfiction was co-edited with Anita Segerberg, and published by UQP in 1994.
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Christina Stead: Selected Fiction And Nonfiction

Picture of Christina Stead: Selected Fiction And Nonfiction
Christina Stead is often coupled with Patrick White as the two most important Australian-born novelists of this century. Her published work spans five decades, but official recognition came late in her life, with an Emeritus Fellowship from the Australian National University in 1979 and the NSW Premier's Award for her contribution to Australian literature in 1982. This cross-section of Stead's work, bot h published and unpublished, amply displays the range of her writing as well as her political and social views. Her fiction is represented by selections from there novels and short fiction with Australian settings and associations, and by the complete novella "The Puzzlehaeded Girl". Material previously unavailable in book form includes extracts from interviews and the draft of a rare public talk on "The Uses of the Many-Charactered Novel".