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Picture of Fear, Faith and Hope

Fear, Faith and Hope

Fear, faith and hope are just three of the emotions felt by the people of Queensland during the long, wet summer of 2010–2011.
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The floods and cyclones of that wet season produced a natural disaster which will continue to influence the lives of people living in this state for years to come. The scale was huge, but out of the wreckage a wonderful story emerged: a story of community spirit and human resilience as friends, neighbours, and total strangers came together to help one another through the worst aspects.


Fear, Faith and Hope tells the story in words and images of the events of that long, wet summer, focussing on the personal anecdotes of those who experienced it. This book is a compilation of what journalists and photographers from The Courier-Mail, and others who witnessed the events unfold, saw and felt. It is a tribute to the people of Queensland and a celebration of their enduring spirit.


Fear, Faith and Hope is attractively designed as a large-format paperback with full-colour photographs throughout to compliment the moving text. Edited by Matthew Condon, editor of Qweekend for The Courier Mail, the royalties from this book will be donated to The Red Cross to help those affected by hardships and disasters across the country.


Fear, Faith and Hope is published by UQP with The Courier-Mail.

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