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In Danger

One woman’s powerful story of how her mother’s death saved her life.
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One woman’s powerful story of how her mother’sdeath saved her life.

When Josepha Dietrich was 21, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Years later, after her mother’s death, the disease reared up in Josie’s own cells. She was 35, and her high-needs son was not yet one.

As the daughter of a woman who had sought out alternatives to conventional medicine, Josie used her own knowledge and her mother’s experience to find solutions for herself. Later, with what she’d learnt, she also helped her son rise out of his autistic state.

Capturing Josie’s energy and force-of-nature personality, In Danger tells of her journey through breast cancer, exploring disease and the human condition, and shedding light on life’s darker aspects. At its heart, this moving memoir delves deep into how it feels when everything you love is in danger.

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