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Picture of Crossfire


When the Deputy Principal opens Luke Aldridge's school locker, he finds a .22 calibre rifle. Thirteen-year-old Luke is in big trouble at school, and at home. When he joins his dad on a forbidden hunting trip he thinks all his dreams have come true, but have they? The guns, the killing, even his father aren't quite as Luke imagined. Back home, Luke finds an unexpected understanding with his mother. Then his parents' verbal warfare explodes into confrontation, and a shot is fired ... Winner of the 1993 Family Award for Children's Literature Children's Book Council of Australia Notable Australian Children's Book 1993


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'Luke could almost count the pig's strides as it closed in ... His father lay frantic in the dust, scarcely able to raise his head ... The pig would kill him.'

Like father, like son. Luke's dad is a hunter, a rifleman, a hard man, everything Luke wants to be. So when he's invited to join his father on a forbidden hunting trip, Luke eagerly accepts.

Guns, killing, danger, adventure. It's a boys dream come true. But adventures don't always go as planned, and targets aren't always what you expect them to be.
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Book Specifications
ISBN 9780702223846
Pages 160
Release Date Date
Binding Paperback
Reviews HTMLEditor