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The 'S' Word: A Boy's Guide to Sex, Puberty and Growing Up

OK, here’s a very short pop quiz. Boys think about sex: a. when they’re awake b. when they’re asleep c. when they’re half awake and half asleep d. all of the above


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OK, here’s a very short pop quiz. No cheating, no talking.

Question 1. Boys think about sex:
a.when they’re awake
b.when they’re asleep
c.when they’re half awake and half asleep
d.all of the above

Growing up is tough, especially the bit between being a boy and being a man. It’s tough because so much is changing at once. Your body, your emotions, your interests and the way other people see you. The way you look at girls, and the way they look at you. Plus there’s those dreams. Using humour and sensitivity, James Roy presents a book that will help any young man navigate the confusing minefield that lies between boyhood and manhood. With some help from his friend Richard the Wise, he talks frankly about sex, puberty and relationships and shows that becoming a man doesn’t have to scare the pants off you. (By the way, it was d.)
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ISBN 9780702235658
Pages 160
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Binding Paperback