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 S. Rufus Davis

S. Rufus Davis

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Emeritus Professor S. Rufus Davis, a leading authority on federalism, was formerly foundation professor of politics at Monash University. He has made a notable contribution to the understanding of federalism in Australia and internationally. He is the author of many articles, papers, reviews and contributory chapters, as well as The Federal Principle (University of California Press 1978), which is hailed as a modern classic. Theory and Reality: Federal Ideas in Australia, England and Europe, a collection of essays, was published by UQP in 1995.
Theory And Reality: Federal Ideas In Australia, England And Europe
Theory And Reality...
S. Rufus Davis

"A fine piece of scholarship from one of the world's leading authorities on federalism ... blending both historical research and experience and contemporary themes." Kenneth Wiltshire Theory and Reali ...