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Jim Eames began his career in journalism at the Border Morning Mail in Albury, New South Wales, later joining the Sun News-Pictorial in Melbourne where he served as a police reporter and later as an aviation writer. He spent several years in Papua New Guinea as editor of the New Guinea Times Courier, an assignment that enabled him to travel widely throughout the islands and continue with his research into the search for missing Allied airmen in the Southwest Pacific. Returning to Australia he joined the then Department of Civil Aviation as Assistant Director of Public Relations, later serving as a press secretary to the Minister for Civil Aviation in the Gorton Liberal government and aviation adviser to a transport minister in the Whitlam Labor government. In 1975 he became the chief press officer at Qantas and later the airline’s Director of Public Affairs. Jim is the author of Reshaping Australia’s Aviation Landscape, a history of the Australian Federal Airports Corporation. His book The Searchers was published by UQP in 1999. It chronicles the efforts to recover lost Australian aircrew in the Southwest Pacific towards the end of the Second World War.
The Searchers: Quest For Lost Aircraft In The Southwest Pacific
The Searchers: Que...
Jim Eames

At war's end in the Pacific, the fate of a thousand missing Australian airmen hung in the balance. Headed by tenacious Squadron Leader Keith Rundle, the RAAF's search and recovery party covered count ...

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