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Peter Pinney escaped the boredom of school to join the army in 1941. He trained briefly in the Middle East, then served with an Independent Company in the Wau-Salamaua campaign. Later he joined a Commando Squadron on Bougainville in the Solomons. After the war he spent fifteen years travelling Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. He wrote Dust On My Shoes in Calcutta, Who Wanders Alone in Sanzibar, and Anywhere But Here in London. He purchased a schooner in Central America and ferried whisky and cigarettes, before losing the schooner in a gale, and becoming editor of a small Caribbean weekly. Deported from Martinique, he returned to Australia where he wrote The Lawless and the Lotus, Restless Men (north Australia), and To Catch a Crocodile (New Guinea). He spent five years diving for cray in Torres Strait. With his wife Estelle he wrote Too Many Spears and began writing television scripts. Peter Pinney died in 1992, just after the publication of the final volume of his New Guinea trilogy. Signaller Johnston’s Secret War (UQP 1998) combines for the first time The Barbarians (UQP 1988), The Glass Cannon (UQP 1990) and The Devil’s Garden (UQP 1992).