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Clive Moore is an Associate Professor in the History Department at the University of Queensland. His research and publications since the 1970s have focused on Queensland, New Guinea and Melanesia, particularly the nineteenth century Pacific labour trade. During the 1990s he became interested in gender, masculinity and gay and lesbian studies in Australia, pioneering research into the development of the homosexual subculture/culture in Queensland. He is the author of Kanaka: A History of Melanesian MacKay (1985), and co-author of 1901: Our Future’s Past (1997) and Australian South Sea Islanders: A Curriculum Resource for Secondary Schools (1997). He compiled a Pacific History Journal Bibliography (1992), edited The Forgotten People: A History of Australia’s South Sea Islander Community (1978), co-edited Labour and the South Pacific (1990), A Papua New Guinea Political Chronicle 1967-1991 (1998), Australian Masculinities, a special issue of the Journal of Australian Studies (1998) and an Australian issue of the Journal of Popular Culture (1999).