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David Smiedt

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David Smiedt was born in South Africa, but moved to Australia with his family when he was 19. He is the author of Boom Boom: 100 Years of Australian Comedy, Delivering the Male, Prince Charming – How to Pick the Stayers from the Players and Are We There Yet?: Chasing a Childhood Through South Africa, which was also published in the UK. He has contributed to anthologies such as Girls’ Night In 2: Gentlemen By Invitation, Girls’ Night In 3: Big Night Out and he writes for several publications including Cleo, Madison, Home Beautiful, GQ and Sunday Life.
Are We There Yet? Chasing A Childhood Through South Africa
Are We There Yet? ...
David Smiedt

In 2003 David Smiedt travelled to South Africa to find a very different country to the one he and his family left in 1989. Growing up in Johannesburg, he had a typical Apartheid-era white childhood. ...

From Russia With Lunch:  A Lithuanian Odyssey
From Russia With L...
David Smiedt

David Smiedt journeys to the former Soviet enclave looking for a link to his grandfather that extends beyond a receding hairline and shared sense of humour. By the end of his journey, David finally ha ...