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Peter McAllister

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Peter McAllister is a science writer and archaeologist from Western Australia. His main research interest is paleoanthropology, and he writes funny and informed science books about what evolution can teach us about the human condition. His popular science book, Manthropology, is currently under development as a documentary series. Peter also writes prize-winning sci-fi thrillers like his novel Cosmonaut, which was developed for a major motion picture by Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow. Outside his work as a scientist and writer, Peter has held jobs as: a journalist, a graphic artist, an advertising salesman for a country music radio station, and once (nearly) as a Chinese-speaking football commentator.
Pygmonia: My Quest For The Secret Land Of The Pygmies
Pygmonia: My Quest...
Peter McAllister

One man's quest to uncover the hidden land of the pygmies. Archaeologist Peter McAllister had never given much thought to Pygmies. When he chanced upon an early 20th-century photograph of Pygmy-size ...