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Ceridwen Spark is a Research Fellow in State, Society and Governance in Melanesia at the Australian National University.  Since completing her PhD in Gender Studies at Monash University, Ceridwen has held two part-time postdoctoral fellowships, one at Monash University and the other at Victoria University.  During these fellowships, she researched cross-cultural interaction in PNG; the medical investigation of kuru; gender and education in PNG; and international adoption.  In recent years, Ceridwen has focused on investigating the experiences of women leaders and educated, urban-dwelling women in PNG.  She has published articles about this work in various refereed journals.  In 2011-12, Ceridwen sought and gained AusAID funding for the Pawa Meri project, which involves making six films about leading women in PNG.  These films will be released in PNG and elsewhere in the Pacific.
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