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Gerard Windsor is one of Australia’s most stimulating writers. He was born in Sydney in 1944, and spent seven years as a Jesuit, but left before ordination. He later obtained degrees from the ANU and Sydney University. His short stories, articles and reviews have appeared in numerous anthologies, literary magazines and newspapers. He is the author of several books, including Heaven Where the Bachelors Sit, I Asked Cathleen to Dance and I’ll Just Tell You This.
I Have Kissed Your Lips
I Have Kissed Your...
Gerard Windsor

She was watching him and saw both the delirium and the detachment locked together. She began to flex roll her thighs and she watched his eyes glaze over. And he said nothing ‘It’s done,’ she said, ra ...

The Mansions Of Bedlam: Stories And Essays
The Mansions Of Be...
Gerard Windsor

Gerard Windsor is a keen provocateur of Australian letters and has at last been recognised as a talented and original writer. He is the author of six books ranging from autobiographical memoir to shor ...

Heaven, Where Batchelors Sit
Heaven, Where Batc...
Gerard Windsor

Twenty-three young Australians became Jesuit novices in 1963; only two are still members of that fabled Catholic order. Gerard Windsor was among those who departed. Now one of our most stimulating wri ...

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Ned Kelly And The Odd Rellie: 50 Micro Lives Of Great Australians
Ned Kelly And The ...
Gerard Windsor
Michel Streich

All you need to know about Australian History Many Australians have made their mark with one outrageous quirk or exploit. Of course governing the nation and captaining the cricket team are important ...