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Ingrid Woodrow’s earliest memory is of a car crash in which she and her mother overturned in their brand new red Chrysler Charger. Her writing career began in Newcastle in the early 1990s. She entered and won a number of ‘in twenty-five words or less’ contests, landing her approximately $30 000 worth of prizes including a car (albeit a pink Niki) and two overseas holidays. Ingrid moved to Queensland in 1997 to complete a masters degree in creative writing. She left behind her parents and six siblings, a family familiar with the road; ‘My family moved around a lot when I was younger, everyone was born in a different town, so I’ve got a lot of memories of us all hopping in the car and driving off to start a new life’. Ingrid’s wild and hilarious road trip novel, Goddess and the Galaxy Boy was published by UQP in 2001.