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The Khaki Kid

The Khaki Kid

Author: Robert Newton

Kevin Penfold is in control. At 11, he's in training to conquer Mt Everest, his 'Penfold Pulveriser' is world soccer's ultimate secret weapon and his best friend is the Italian Stallion. But control is as predictable as a world-cup qualifier, as Kevin discovers when his father moves out, his mum turns feral and Elvis enters his life ... soemtimes, when the game is on the line, the only solution is a radical change of tactics. Winning back control may not be easy, but it can be a whole lot of fun.
The Punjabi Pappadum
The Punjabi Pappad...
Robert Newton

"Dexter Macallister bit into a samosa dripping with mint sauce. Thousands of dozing tastebuds jumped to attention, popping off in his mouth like a kid let loose on bubble wrap." The legendary, mouthw ...