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Author: Alasdair Duncan

When you're in a certain position, there are some things you can get away with, even if you're not necessarily meant to.

Lots of guys do things like this. Believe me. Liam Kelly is the very model of the modern male – boys want to be him, girls want to be with him. He and his group of loyal mates spend their days driving around town, drinking beer and very occasionally going to lectures. His good looks compensate, everyone agrees, for his superior attitude and private-school arrogance. Liam and his girlfriend Sara seem to be the perfect couple, but when she leaves for a European trip without him, the façade begins to crumble. He sees six months of freedom ahead, unaware that the consequences of his bad-boy behaviour will threaten the image he has so carefully created. Metro is a satirical tale of morality, masculinity and money from the internationally acclaimed author of Sushi Central.
Sushi Central
Sushi Central
Alasdair Duncan

Go out. Take a pill. Meet a boy. Dance. Recover. Repeat. Calvin is sixteen and out of control. Experienced but naïve, he and his friends feel disconnected from their safe, suburban world of private ...