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The Lifeboat
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The Lifeboat

Author: Zacharey Jane

When they brought them in, the couple looked older than anyone I had ever seen before. They had been rescued, or at least found, in a wooden vessel, a lifeboat, two miles offshore, washed into our waterways with the bottles, barrels, dead birds and other flotsam and jetsam of this planet.

A man and a woman are found at sea in pirate-infested waters, with no memory of who they are or how they got there. They are entrusted to the care of a young interpreter, who is given two weeks to discover their identitites before the worst is assumed.

With only their dreams to guide her, the interpeter struggles to reveal the truth. But some truths are best left forgotten. The Lifeboat is a fresh and vibrant tale of mystery and discovery, and the search for belonging.
Tobias Blow
Tobias Blow
Zacharey Jane

Take a stormy night, a glorious wind and a sackful of treasures. Mix them together, add a pinch of magic, and the world is ready for Tobias Blow.