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Creative Ecologies: Where Thinking Is A Proper Job
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Creative Ecologies: Where Thinking Is A Proper Job

Author: John Howkins

Why do some ideas flourish and others fail? Why is independent thought valued in some societies and discouraged in others?

The UQP Creative Economy + Innovation Culture series, edited by Stuart Cunningham and John Hartley, showcases fresh research approaches to global creative thinking, enterprise and innovation. The series links the creative and digital media fields to law, education, business and technology. This is new knowledge for the new economy.

Ecology is the study of how organisms relate to their environment. Following on from the success of his 2001 book The Creative Economy, leading thinker John Howkins applies ecological principles to the concepts of creativity and innovation, generating Creative Ecologies. Howkins shows how creativity depends on a mix of environmental conditions, such as diversity, change, learning and adaptation. He draws on diverse sources from Charles Darwin to Buddhism, to examine the implications of his creative ecologies model for free speech, education, collaboration, management, cities and the internet.

Creative Ecologies
describes the right habitat for hatching ideas. This radical combination of creativity and ecology provides a holistic, visionary model for everyone who wants to think for themselves and develop new ideas.