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Mcpherson Lecture Series Volume 4: Equity And Property
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Mcpherson Lecture Series Volume 4: Equity And Property

Author: Sarah Worthington

This is the fourth volume in an annual series inaugurated by the University of Queensland’s TC Beirne School of Law.

Inspired by the famous Hamlyn Lecture Series in England, each year the McPherson Lecture Series hosts a celebrated international scholar or legal expert to deliver three lectures. This volume sees Professor Sarah Worthington of the London School of Economics and Political Science expertly analyse the interaction between equity and property, using a distinct theme for each lecture.

The first lecture, ‘Fact: Property and Trade’, considers what property is, exploring the mechanisms by which equity has expanded the range of interests that could be classed as property and traded on commercial markets to provide new forms of personal wealth.

‘Fantasy: Property and Value’ looks at some of the practical and doctrinal issues that affect the ultimate value of property. These issues create potential pitfalls in developing commercial markets, and make it difficult or impossible to assess the value of what is being traded.

Finally, ‘Morals: Property and Justice’ examines the issue of fairness as it relates to proprietary interests. Equity’s contributions to the resolution of conflicting rights to different forms of personal property, including on insolvency, are noted.

These lectures capture the important contributions equity has made to the law of personal property, and thus to the modern workings of commercial markets.