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Author: Boyd Anderson

‘You know what Ludo means, don’t you? It’s Latin for I play. You can look it up if you don’t believe me. Sometimes I think she chose it herself.’

For most people, 1961 was just something you had to pass through to get to where you wanted to go. And for fifteen-year-old Jockey it was no different – only he was going down. Sinking straight to the black heart of Sydney’s underbelly.

It began simply enough, with a job at Paton Electrical in Sydney’s inner west, working as an errand boy for Mr Hardaker – a man with more sides to him than a cut diamond. So how did he come to be involved in the Dodge Phoenix affair and all this business of murder and suicide? How did he find himself with Mr Hardaker as he navigated his Chevrolet Impala up Liverpool Street, that day?

And then there was Ludo, ‘that Ludo Crane woman’, Ludo of the pale blue eyes, glamorous, unobtainable Ludo.

Boyd Anderson effortlessly brings to life the seedy world of Sydney in the 1960s. Through sharp dialogue, vivid characters, and shocking intrigue Ludo tips its hat to classic crime noir, with a spark of genuine originality and pure entertainment.
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