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Stories from the Wayside
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Stories from the Wayside

Author: Reverend Graham Long

‘We’re not much like a church, which might suit you if you’re not much like a Christian.’

With these words the Reverend Graham Long of The Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross describes the place that many street people call home. This beautifully illustrated book celebrates the place, the people who work within its walls and the visitors for whom the Wayside is a welcome support system.

Four Australian photographers have captured the mood of the Wayside during the chapel’s last two months, before it was demolished to make way for a new building. The four also mentored three of the Wayside’s visitors in the art of photography. The result is a collection of often-surprising images revealing both the emotional and physical territory of the landscape around the Wayside. Every picture tells a different story.

Accompanying the superb photography is a collection of emails, written over a period of five years, which reveal both the light and dark aspects of life on the streets and at the chapel. Humour, joy, pain and drama unfold with every email as the reader learns about the people who present themselves every day for a dose of love by the Wayside.

The renovation will change more than the bricks and mortar. The chapel’s renewal is a symbol of hope in the Kings Cross community for a brighter future in the decades to come. This book aims to reinforce that change in attitude by showcasing the wonderful human face of those who have dropped by the Wayside.