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Lettah's Gift

Author: Graham Lang

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Venture into the dark heart of modern-day Africa in this gripping novel of discovery and redemption.

Zimbabwean-born, Perth-based Frank Cole is faced with an unusual request in his mother’s will. He must journey back to his country of birth to deliver a substantial inheritance from his mother to a former family servant, Lettah Ndlovu.

Set in Zimbabwe in the year prior to the 2008 elections, Lettah’s Gift is a very personal journey set against a political canvas. The novel draws an incisive portrait of modern Zimbabwe; its social and political issues; its recent history and its conflicts between different tribal groups, as well as white Africans who have emigrated versus those who have stayed behind. The story is populated with a cast of rich and interesting characters; old Rhodesians who have struggled to let go of their glorious colonial past, corrupt African officals, and stoic liberals who still hope for better times after Robert Mugabe.

Lettah’s Gift is an absorbing novel that offers action, romance, danger and humour against an exotic and often confronting African setting.