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Papua New Guinea
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Papua New Guinea

Author: Don Woolford

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Published in 1976, Papua New Guinea was the first book to interpret the main events leading to Papua New Guinea’s independence.

The 1960s and 1970s in Papua New Guinea were a time of ferment and great excitement as Australia’s Territory moved quickly towards independence in 1975. Don Woolford worked as a journalist in Papua New Guinea and wrote this account of the years of political development from the first general election for a representative House of Assembly in 1964 through to independence. They were years of transition when young Papua New Guineans such as Michael Somare, John Guise, Albert Maori Kiki, Julian Chan, Josephine Abaijah, John Kaputin, Leo Hannett, John Momis, and Matthias Toliman were making their marks. Woolford knew the key figures – he covered the tours of two Australian prime ministers – and had access to highly ephemeral literature produced for the moment; material that is no longer available.

Don Woolford was an accurate and passionate observer of these remarkable years, and writes with immediacy and style.