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We Are Not The Same Anymore
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We Are Not The Same Anymore

Author: Chris Somerville

‘These are such damn fine stories: surprising, deft and always revealing’ Benjamin Law, author of Family Law and Gaysia
We Are Not The Same Anymore is a collection of short fiction about people trying to connect with each other and the difficulties of finding intimacy. In these stories, Chris Somerville plays out the small catastrophes of everyday life, cutting his characters adrift in the uneasiness that ensues. 
A man turns up at his daughter's birthday party with a goldfish in an ice-cream container. On the way to collect firewood, a woman and her teenaged neighbour crash in a snowstorm. An unwilling son helps his sister and father put up posters for a missing dog named Michael.
Familiar and endearing, Somerville's characters are consumed with their own neuroses, and through their eyes, the landscape of the domestic becomes surreal and dully terrifying. Suffused with a dark humour, their struggles for intimacy are recreated on the page with a deft and affectionate touch.