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A Curry for Murray
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A Curry for Murray

Author: Kate Hunter   Lucia Masciullo  

CBCA shortlisted illustrator and popular Mamamia contributor cook up a storm in this delightful and heartwarming picture book about neighbours, generosity and food!

Molly made … slippery duck pasta for her brother’s headmaster, spit-roasted geese for the local police, and Singapore noodles for the Montague poodles!

After making a curry for her neighbour Murray, Molly’s delicious dishes are in demand. Now everyone wants a taste of her cooking! Before long, Molly’s making meals for people in her street, suburb and then people in other cities and even other countries.

But when an unexpected accident means Molly can’t cook, it’s time for Molly to accept kindness in return from her neighbours.

A fun and entertaining story about food, neighbours and kindness.
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