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All Fall Down
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All Fall Down

Author: Matthew Condon

The Three Crooked Kings story ends here.
The most anticipated book of the year has finally arrived. All Fall Down is the gripping finale to Matthew Condon’s epic true-crime trilogy about crooked cops, bagmen and blackmail, and the monumental saga of greed that infiltrated the Queensland police force.
Here also ends Police Commissioner Terry Lewis’ story and the demise of the Rat Pack and their corrupt system of graft payments known as ‘The Joke’. As layer upon layer of bribes and deception ricochet throughout the state, the nature of complicity in prostitution, illegal gambling, drugs and paedophilia escalates to a whole new level, leading to the all-encompassing Fitzgerald Inquiry. Lewis remains at the heart of the story — the cool, calculated enigma, the paper-pushing bureaucrat, who continues to protest his innocence today, despite being charged with 15 counts of official corruption.
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