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Things Could Be Worse
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Things Could Be Worse

Author: Lily Brett

Rediscover the lovable character Lola Bensky with this stylish reissue of Lily Brett’s first work of fiction

After surviving the Holocaust, Josl and Renia move to Melbourne with their daughter Lola Bensky to start a new life. This poignant yet bitingly funny collection of short stories follows Lola’s struggles to come to terms with herself, her place in the local Jewish community and the horrific family history whose legacy is still felt by them all.

Things Could Be Worse, Brett’s debut work of fiction, was first published in 1990 to universal acclaim. It was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and the 3M Talking Book of the Year Award. With haunting illustrations by the renowned painter David Rankin, it introduced the world to Lola Bensky, the eponymous heroine of Lily Brett’s 2012 award-winning international bestseller.

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