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The Secrets We Share
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The Secrets We Share

Author: Nova Weetman

The highly anticipated companion to Nova Weetman’s critically acclaimed middle-reader The Secrets We Keep.
You’ve probably figured out by now that I love this tree. I love it because it’s no longer beautiful, no longer a tree that would stop a tourist, begging to be photographed. And I love it because it reminds me of my mum.
Clem is slowly rebuilding her life after a house fire destroyed everything. She’s about to start high school with her best friends, Bridge and Ellie, and she’s happy living with her dad in their tiny flat. So when her mum unexpectedly moves back in, Clem feels like there’s no space for her anymore.
But then she meets Matt, a funny and rebellious fourteen-year-old who has family troubles of his own. Clem feels like she can tell him anything … all except her deepest fear. When everything starts to unravel, Clem must decide which secrets to keep and which to share.

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