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The Mayne Inheritance

The Mayne Inheritance

Author: Rosamond Siemon

Opening with a macabre mid-nineteenth century murder, The Mayne Inheritance unfolds like a gothic thriller.

Was it the murder victim’s money that founded patriarch Patrick Mayne’s Queen Street business empire? Were the whispered accusations of murder and genetic madness true? For 150 years, scandal and mystery have surrounded the Maynes, a wealthy family who donated the magnificent site on which the University of Queensland now stands.

'A gothic tale of murder, madness and scandal across the generations…Mad nuns, suspicious doctors, drownings, murder as foul as fevered imaginations can devise.' - Rosemary Sorensen, The Courier-Mail

'This real-life thriller has been selling and selling…and has rarely left the bestseller lists.' - Matt Condon, Sun Herald
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