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The Frog Prince Of Barker

The Frog Prince Of Barker's Bay

Author: Helen Clulow

"I'm not weird. Alright, I admit I sometimes do stupid things, like the time I advertised my sister's room for rent, but in general I am not weird. Kissing frogs, I know, qualifies as weird, but ... " Alison Atherton thinks nothing could be worse than having a national pickled-onion-eating champion for a Dad. But then she receives a mysterious birthday wish from her eccentric aunt ... Suddenly, Alison finds herself on a frog-kissing frenzy trying to make her wish come true. But she gets more than she bargains for when Errol the frog prince appears. It's fun and mayhem in this wacky adventure as Alison and Errol come to understand the meaning of loyalty and true friendship.