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Gwen Harwood Collected Poems

Gwen Harwood Collected Poems

Author: Gregory Kratzmann   Alison Hoddinott  

This definitive collection is a bumper edition of over 600 pages of published and previously uncollected poems, many illuminated by the poet’s own notes.

Harwood’s pseudonymous selves have made literary history, most famously perhaps as Walter Lehmann whose Bulletin acrostic “f*#k” — once deciphered — rocked the Establishment. This collection is the product of diligent research by Harwood scholars Alison Hoddinott and Gregory Kratzmann, both longtime friends of the poet. Their editorial introduction places Gwen Harwood, who died in 1995, among the most formidable literary talents of our age.

'Roll back, you fabulous animal be human, sleep. I’ll call you up from water’s dazzle, wheat-blond hills, clear light and open-hearted roses, this day’s extravagance of blue stored like a pulse beat in the skull.' - Gwen Harwood, ‘Carnal Knowledge 1’