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Einstein's Heroes

Author: Robyn Arianrhod

Imagine you are fluent in a language so powerful that when you write it down it mysteriously takes on a life of its own, beyond your thoughts or control. A magical language of prophecy, with which you can accurately describe things you cannot yet see or even imagine.

Einstein's Heroes blends science, history and biography to take you on a journey of discovery about the phenomenon of mathematics - humanity's universal language and one of our most amazing accomplishments. It uses as its axis the lives and work of the brilliant scientists who inspired Einstein, particularly James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday and Isaac Newton. Together, Maxwell and Faraday settled a centuries-old physical dispute, which Newton had left in his majestic wake, and established mathematics as the ultimate arbiter of physical reality.
Seduced by Logic
Seduced by Logic
Robyn Arianrhod

Seduced by Logic is the gripping story about the lives and loves of two pioneering women of science, Émilie du Châtelet and Mary Somerville, and the ideas that seduced them both.