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Tampering With Asylum

Tampering With Asylum

Author: Frank Brennan

By denying the Tampa and its cargo of asylum seekers permission to dock at the nearest landfall of Christmas Island, Australia signalled that it was dramatically closing its national borders. Trading on fear, and using mandatory detention in the Pacific, John Howard and Philip Ruddock effectively excluded asylum seekers from the Australian courts. Frank Brennan argues that the Australian government’s response was a massive overreaction, possible only because Australia is a remote country with few asylum seekers and no land borders. He compares Australia’s response with that of the United States and Europe and provides a practical blueprint for countries wanting to humanely protect asylum seekers. 'A timely, topical book...penetrating.' – Canberra Times 'A powerful book.' – Australian Financial Review 'A valuable contribution to the assessment of our treatment of asylum seekers.' – Journal of Australian Studies Review of Books 'Necessary reading.' – Australian Book Review Review excerpt 'Of particular use to those who are studying the issues at some depth is the discussion of the significance of border control and the sovereignty of nation states. There is a useful comparison of the way in which those who present themselves illegally are received and detained in Australia, in Europe, and in the United States. This readable excursion into sometimes difficult and technical material is likely to be a standard reference on the subject.' – Rev Brian Lucas, Australasian Catholic Record
Tampering With Asylum Revised Edition
Tampering With Asy...
Frank Brennan

'A timely, topical book...penetrating.' - CANBERRA TIMES 'A valuable contribution to the assessment of our treatment of asylum seekers.' - JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIAN STUDIES REVIEW OF BOOKS 'Necessary Re ...

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