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Museum Of Space

Museum Of Space

Author: Peter Boyle

‘Questioning what it means to be human lies at the heart of this new collection by Peter Boyle. These are poems which intuit that a certain kind of looking is required in order to see. It is a gaze that has retained its human innocence, despite belonging to one who has grown aware through knowledge, experience and understanding. This innocence is the space one must retain in oneself in order to be filled and refilled with life. These poems make this space available to anyone who is willing, with Boyle, to accept that the truth of being alive only “enters us endlessly when there seems to be nothing left to enter us”.’ MTC CRONIN 'Boyle cuts with a sharp scalpel into the hidden bag of desires, dreams and fears we drag behind us, exposing a repressed world waiting to be retrieved. His poetry comes directly from the unconscious and is still capable of speaking its dark language. His questions are straightforward, but the answers are not: What temperature is the box? / Cold, but there are small glints of burning as well. This is the voice of a mature poet who knows how to calmly illuminate the human shadow.' MIGUEL GOMES